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Welcome to Liberiix

Liberiix® is an online platform where customers can contact professionals to request services in various areas.

Do you need a plumber, an accountant or a personal trainer?

Liberiix helps you find the right professional for your problem!

We use exclusive tools that allow us to present the client with the proposal that best suits their needs, facilitating communication with professionals and the respective scheduling.

Liberiix® maximizes professional efficiency and protects both sides of the business.



To be a reference platform in boosting contacts between professionals and clients, facilitating communication between all clients and providing a wide range of services.

Liberiix® aims to reduce its environmental impact and reduce expenses whenever possible.


Liberiix® is a platform that promises to change the way we hire and are hired.

It's a platform for everyone! If you are looking for a job, a part-time, a project, you are in the right place.

Do you need a transport service, a professional photographer, or someone to help you remodel your home, whatever it is, here you'll find what you're looking for.

Liberiix® wants to find a balance between work and your free time so that you have more time to do what you enjoy or spend more time with your family.


At Liberiix® we value the protection and security of all registered professionals and customers. We encourage communication by the contracting party and the contractor, always ensuring data protection for both parties.

Another value that we govern ourselves with and attach great importance to is Work Ethics. We are transparent in the way we work, the professionals' success will be our success.

Protection, Safety, Respect, Support, Ethics, Dynamism and Innovation, these are the values by which we are governed.

How it works

To search for

Liberiix® does not charge for registration or contacts made through the platform and does not interfere with the value of the service. Both the trader and the user are free to negotiate and establish the terms of the agreement.


Liberiix® chat is designed to protect both professionals and users. Communicate freely and share files without sharing personal contacts. Talk to several professionals until you find the right one.

To schedule

The professional will create the event with the terms agreed between them. You will be notified by the Liberiix® team and if all information is correct, follow the payment instructions. When payment is made, the service is scheduled!

Problem solved

On the day of the event, the service will be carried out.

We work with different areas of activity


Why Liberiix?

+ Security

Liberiix® has redesigned the process of hiring and negotiating with professionals to create a platform that protects both sides. Communication is encouraged, and personal information protected by the platform. The job is over with no money. No more money without work.

+ Freedom

Liberiix® does not charge for registration or contacts made through the platform and does not interfere with the value of the service. Both the trader and the user are free to negotiate and establish the terms of the agreement.

+ Trust

All professionals are evaluated by ranking at the end of each work performed. Liberiix® is only successful when professionals are also successful. Our platform also supports professionals by promoting them on social platforms and developing exclusive workshops and other potential events.

- Time

Liberiix® has developed several technological solutions to shorten the time between problem and resolution. From a dynamic algorithm to calendar, chat and scheduling tools, everything is designed to complete the job as quickly as possible.


Login e Registo

Cria e faz o teu registo como profissional ou como Contratante.

Os ambientes são diferentes e com features distintas para cada perfil de contratante ou profissional.



O contratante terá acesso a uma listagem dos nossos profissionais com filtros de pesquisa por categorias e sub-categorias.

Os perfis dos profissionais aparecem em lista e com descrição sobre as suas Skills e CV.

Quando escolher o profissional ao seu gosto, terá acesso à área de propostas numa nova aba.

Aqui pode entrar em chat com o profissional e ver toda a descrição da proposta.



Edita o teu perfil com a informação necessária.

Quanto mais informações tiver o teu perfil, mais rapidamente és encontrado e maior a probabilidade de seres contratado.

Os perfis são distintos e no profissional existe uma aba com as competências e Skills.


O profissional terá um ambiente somente para propostas e chat.

Para pesquisar profissionais, terá de ser criado um perfil como contratante com outro email diferente.


Liberiix® is free in this first launch phase and we aim to collect as much feedback as possible from our users, so that we can adapt tools and optimize our services. Soon our platform will have a new version with several new features such as opportunities and news with the latest job posts or needs near you, day jobs and even areas with job openings available from our partners and platform subscribers.

You need a service, a job or simply an extra at the end of the month, then Liberiix® is what you're looking for.

Register with Liberiix and together let's change the way we work.


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