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We built a marketplace that connects companies and professionals so that no service remains undone.

Liberiix® was born from a need to be able to hire excellent professionals in 2017, the idea was presented in the websummit of that same year and Liberiix® attracted immense attention from countless people. Still at the draft stage, we saw that the idea could leave the paper and become real. It took some time to develop the first version of the platform, however, as time went by and the COVID19 pandemic and quarantine phase, the idea took on another dimension and another necessity.

Liberiix® could not only be a platform for liberal professionals, but a platform for everyone. The need to obtain quarantine time services such as takeaways, repair technicians, beauty and others led to Liberiix® being rethought as a platform that could serve these needs. This quarantine was devastating for countless families, people who became unemployed and businesses that closed, the need to get work and some remuneration was causing many people to suffer need and even hunger. Thus, Liberiix® was born to help combat these needs and provide tools for all people looking for services, part-time, full-time or simply an extra at the end of the month, to get their contacts and opportunities.

Our vision about Liberiix® is clear and we want this platform to become a platform with daily opportunities, service requests and even job openings from any sector. Liberiix® will be a platform that will put you online and always connected with the best opportunities in your area, location and by category. We will certainly be a tool for everyone, but especially for people who like to spend more time enjoying life and family, making these people better and easier to organize their work.

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