Terms and conditions

Terms of Use: This user agreement, which includes, inter alia, the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of this Website, constitutes a contract between Liberiix and those who use the platform, and therefore it must be read carefully.

The use of the services provided by this website implies acceptance of its terms and conditions, including its privacy policy, and in case of disagreement with some of its provisions, the use of the service is not permitted.

1. Definitions and General Conditions
1.1 Definitions
  1. "Liberiix, Ltd." is a legal person company, with the number 516458647, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon, with registered office at Lugar de Gandra, Avepark – Science and Technology Park, SA, 4805-017 Barco - Guimarães.

  2. "Customer/s" – all those who use the Liberiix website to place orders for the provision of certain services by registered professionals.

  3. "Customer Information" - any information provided by the Customer, either during the phase of the respective registration and registration on the Website, or in relation to the description of their requests, the assessment made by professional service providers or any other resulting from the use of the Website.

  4. "Privacy Policy" - description of the types of information collected from the simple user, the Customer and the service provider and the way in which they are handled.

  5. "Order" – request/description made by the Customer of the service that he wants to see provided by a professional registered on the Website.

  6. "Proposal" - form in which the Client will include all the information regarding the service or project that he/she wants, which includes a detailed description of the service and proposal of value to be paid for it;

  7. "System" - computer equipment, data storage and transmission, computer programs and applications, command sequences and automatic data analysis and processing processes used by Liberiix.

  8. "Use Agreement" - terms and conditions embodied in the rules to which Liberiix, Customers and service providers are bound, as well as simple users, contained in this agreement and also the terms contained in the Privacy Policy.

  9. "Professional/Professionals" - natural or legal persons, service providers, registered on the Liberiix website, who intend, in this way, to receive requests from potential interested parties in the provision of those services.

  10. "User" - any natural or legal person who accesses the website until the moment he acquires the status of Client or Professional.

  11. "Website" (by Liberiix) - website and respective domain, hosting space, page or set of internet pages, their contents, graphics of other information contained therein, whose content is managed by Liberiix.

  12. “Chat Liberiix” - service and/or tool developed and provided by Liberiix to promote and facilitate communication between Clients and/or third parties with Professionals.

1.2 General Conditions

1.2.1 The Liberiix Website is an online platform on which Clients register their requests and interest in providing a certain service, where Professional service providers register in order to have access to the requests submitted and where it is also possible access to job vacancies and opportunities for daily work.

1.2.2 Each order must represent a real need of the Customer. Liberiix may, at its sole discretion, delete all orders and/or content published on the platform that do not comply with the Usage Agreement or content that may harm the Liberiix brand and/or the image of Professionals and Customers who use the services.

1.2.3 The Client who is interested in the provision of a service by a certain Professional will first have to fill out a form containing all the information relating to the service or project that he wants, which includes a detailed description of the service and value proposition to be paid for it.

1.2.4 Liberiix provides the use of the Liberiix Chat channel in order to promote and facilitate communication between Clients and Professionals.

1.2.5 The Professional, in which the Client shows interest for the provision of the service or project that he/she wants, receives a notification, via email to the email address, by the same indicated at the time of registration, or via push - in case of application - to inform that you have obtained a proposal.

1.2.6 After analyzing the proposal addressed to him, the Professional may decide to accept, request more information or, alternatively, reject the proposal.

1.2.7 Requests submitted by Clients must be directed to registered Professionals whose proposed activity is compatible with them, presenting a proposal directly to the Professional who is most convenient and/or showing greater interest in the services for which they intend to provide.

1.2.8 It is incumbent upon the Professional to evaluate the budget proposals and the object of the services requested and presented by the Clients, and the acceptance is of his/her entire and exclusive responsibility. It is up to the Professional, solely and exclusively, to accept the proposal for the budget and services that may be presented to him and it will be the Professional service provider to decide for the acceptance of the proposal presented by the Client.

1.2.9 The Professional may even choose not to accept any of the proposals presented to him, acknowledging that Liberiix is ​​a third party in any contractual relationship established between the Client and the Professional, not guaranteeing the Client the fulfillment of the service or transaction that may come to be agreed between them or assuming any responsibility with regard to the rights that fall on the Professional in relation to the Client.

1.2.10 Liberiix, in its intervention, limits itself to establishing the link between the forms/proposals addressed by the Clients to the Professionals and the registrations of the Professionals providing services, disclosing them to each other.

1.2.11 There is no legal relationship of subordination or provision of services between the Professional and Liberiix, without prejudice to the existence of legal obligations arising from the use of the platform, in particular regarding the payment of fees by the Professionals in favor of Liberiix and the others arising from this User Agreement.

1.2.12 The information regarding Customers, requests/proposals and Professionals, as well as any acceptance or other data relating to such acts that appear on the Liberiix Website is provided, respectively, by the Customers and Professionals themselves, with Liberiix having no responsibility in its content.

1.2.13 Clients will have the right to evaluate the contact established and/or service provided by any Professional, registered with Liberiix, who chooses or chooses to contact them through the platform. At Liberiix, Clients will be able to leave an “Assessment” and Professionals will have the right to respond by writing a “Comment”. Ratings and Reviews reflect the opinion of users (Customers and Professionals, respectively) and not the opinion of Liberiix. Ratings and Reviews are not checked or filtered by Liberiix, nor is it your responsibility to ascertain their accuracy, which may be inaccurate or misleading.

1.2.14 Assessments and Comments made by Clients and Professionals must be fair, truthful and factual, and may not contain defamatory or offensive terminology or language.

1.2.15 Users, Clients and Professionals are prohibited from manipulating the Ratings and Comments system in any way, as well as giving indications to a third party to send a comment, positive or negative.

1.2.16 Clients and Professionals undertake to include on the Website only true and correct information, as well as, whenever necessary depending on the service to be provided, the supporting documents for the exercise of the respective activity.

1.2.17 Liberiix is ​​not responsible for the information referred to in the previous number, and the Client and Professional must evaluate and prove their veracity, correctness and integrity.

1.2.18 The submission of fraudulent proposals or false or incorrect documents can under no circumstances be imputed to Liberiix, the Clients and Professionals being responsible for confirming the information provided by them.

2. Privacy Policy

2.1 The Privacy Policy is described in detail here , which is an integral part of this agreement.

3. Warranties

3.1 Liberiix guarantees the continuous and correct functioning of its Website, except in situations where, for reasons beyond its control, such compliance cannot be required.

3.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, Liberiix reserves the right, as owner of the Website, to suspend or terminate the operation of its platform whenever it understands that there are justified reasons (related either to third parties or to its business model ), which, in any case, will be communicated to its users as soon as possible.

3.3 Customers and Professionals are obliged, in relation to the information they make available and submit on the Website, to comply with the legislation in force, as well as to comply with the provisions contained in this Agreement.

3.4 Liberiix is ​​not responsible for any error, omission, inaccuracy or falsehood in the information entered and transmitted by Clients and Professionals.

3.5 Liberiix reserves the right not to use, in any way, information that violates the Usage Agreement, including the Privacy Policy.

4. Rights and Obligations

4.1 Adherence as a Customer or Professional to the User Agreement constitutes the conclusion of a contract between them and Liberiix, resulting from a synallagmatic contract in which both Parties have rights and obligations, namely:

4.1.1 The Customer is entitled to use the Website, under the terms and conditions contained in this User Agreement, in compliance with the corresponding privacy policy.

4.1.2 Customers undertake not to submit orders contrary to the law or the terms of this User Agreement.

4.1.3 Clients and Professionals are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of any information provided.

4.1.4 Customers and Professionals undertake not to copy, reproduce, modify or in any way use any content on the Website, as well as not to use works and requests that they have become aware of through this means for purposes other than the negotiated contract and /or entered into, as well as undertake not to send or disclose requests on the Website to third parties, distribute or publicly display any content on the Website without prior and express authorization from Liberiix.

4.1.5 Customers and Professionals undertake not to use the Liberiix Website, its contents or services for a purpose other than that for which it is intended, namely for illicit, illegal purposes or in any way capable of conflicting with the rights of others legally protected.

4.1.6 Professionals undertake to provide the services and perform the work in accordance with the legal standards, the good practices of their professional activities and respect the codes of ethics and technical regulations that frame them.

4.1.7 Professionals undertake not to use any Customers' personal data and information for any purpose other than the provision of services intended through the platform.

5. Prohibitions

5.1 Clients and Professionals are prohibited from submitting, publishing, sending and/or transmitting, to third parties outside Liberiix, any type of information, document, email address, photograph and/or video, inserted on the Website/Platform, by Professionals and/or Clients, namely those who:

a) Violate and/or fail to comply with the provisions of current legislation, namely legislation on intellectual property rights, competition, protection of consumer rights, data protection and processing, non-patrimonial rights, misleading advertising or otherwise violating , or encourage the violation by a third party(s), of any legal, regulatory, statutory, judicial decision or similar;

b) May result in civil liability, if and when misused;

c) Are considered fraudulent, inauthentic, inappropriate, incorrect and/or lack authorization;

d) Possess or promote information of an obscene nature or with indecent content, contrary to good practices and good customs and/or of a pornographic or sexual nature.

e) Disseminate and encourage illegal activities, harassment, hatred, violence and discrimination of any kind;

f) Make reference or reference to other websites/platforms, regardless of their nature.

5.2 Clients and Professionals are also prohibited from:

a) Provide information that contains computer viruses, macro viruses, trojans, worms or anything that causes interference or may interrupt or in any way disturb the operating procedures of a computer;

b) Access, change or use reserved areas of the Liberiix computer system and technical system;

c) Accessing the system without express authorization, as well as clandestinely intercepting data or information of any nature, namely personal data;

d) Analyze, investigate or test the vulnerability of any computer system or network, partially or totally, owned by Liberiix;

e) Violating any and all security or authentication measures on the Liberiix Website.

f) Disable, remove or in any way harm any and all technological and/or information technology measures implemented by Liberiix, or by any of its partners;

g) Provide any type of advertising and promotional content, including unsolicited and/or unauthorized email addresses;

h) Collect and use any type of information relating to services provided and personal data of other Clients and/or Professionals;

i) Provide false and/or inaccurate information, namely, information about relationship and affiliation with any other individual or entity.

6. Licenses and authorizations

6.1 Liberiix authorizes Customers and Professionals to view, analyze, save and print content submitted on the Website, provided that it complies with and agrees with the provisions of this User Agreement, including the Privacy Policy.

6.2 Clients and Professionals may not assign the authorization referred to in the preceding number to third parties outside of Liberiix.

6.3 Customers and Professionals may not, in any way, explore, use, copy, modify, sell, publicly display, transmit and/or disseminate the content, features and tools that are part of the Liberiix Website, except when expressly permitted in writing .

6.4 Customers and Professionals may use the content of the Liberiix Website only for the purposes for which it is intended, as strictly necessary for the proper use of the services.

6.5 By registering on the Website, Customers and Professionals grant Liberiix the right to view, investigate, analyze and use any and all content created and made available by them.

6.6 Liberiix undertakes not to publish, expose or publicly display and/or make available, in any way, the content and information provided by Customers and Professionals that violate this User Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, without prior authorization.

6.7 Service Fees may be charged to the Professional by Liberiix.

6.8 This User Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, shall not be considered a restriction on the rights that Customers and Professionals have in the content and information they make available on the Liberiix Website.

6.9 Liberiix may carry out advertising and marketing campaigns, assuming the associated costs and charges in its own right.

7. Responsibility

7.1 Liberiix is ​​not a party, in any capacity, in the contractually established relationship between the Client and the Professional, for which they recognize that they cannot be held liable, in particular with regard to the execution of the contract and the fulfillment of the contractual obligations of the parties, as well as any others related to the contract.

7.2 Likewise, Liberiix cannot be held liable for any contractual or non-contractual breach by any of the parties, as well as for any loss or damage that may result therefrom.

7.3 Liberiix does not attest, make any representations or provide any guarantee regarding the reliability, timeliness, quality, adequacy or availability of the services provided by Professionals, nor does it guarantee the quality, adequacy, safety or capability of the Professionals.

8. Conflicts

8.1 Any and all conflicts arising from the relationships established between Clients and Professionals must be reported and communicated to Liberiix.

8.2 Liberiix has the right, in case of suspicion, complaint or denunciation of a conflict between Professional and Client, to preserve the elements and verify the content submitted and created by both, during the use of the Website.

8.3 The information collected, for the purposes of the preceding paragraph, is intended to enable Liberiix to improve and update information relating to registered and registered users on its Website.

8.4 Professionals acknowledge Liberiix the right to access their Profile, Scheduling, Chat and respective communications, whenever deemed necessary and/or appropriate, in order to ensure the effective management and resolution of any conflicts, in accordance with the provisions of this User Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, and with the legal provisions in force.

8.5 Liberiix has the right to investigate and clarify, on its own initiative and whenever it deems it necessary, the complaints of which it is aware, in order to assess and decide on the permanence of Customers and/or Professionals on its Website.

8.6 The use of the Website may be suspended for a certain period, without the need for prior notice, whenever it is shown that any of the obligations of Customers and/or Professionals resulting from this User Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, has been violated, or if it is observed failure to comply with applicable legal provisions or that harm, in any way, Liberiix itself;

8.7 Customers and Professionals may be permanently prevented from using the Website whenever the violation of this User Agreement proves to have been sufficiently serious, either as a result of their behavior, or due to the means used or the damage caused.

9. Fees

9.1 The use of the Liberiix Website by Customers is temporarily free of charge.

9.2 After a trial period, the use of the Liberiix Website by the Professionals is subject to payment of a fee, as set out in the following numbers.

9.3 The Professional is obliged to pay Liberiix, for each contract entered into with a Client, a commission of 8% of the total amount paid to the Professional by the Client.

9.4 Cancellation and/or refund of fees is not possible.

9.5 As mentioned in point 9.1, Liberiix is ​​in the testing phase, and during this period, the Professional is not obliged to pay any amount for the use of the Website. However, after the end of the testing phase, the Professional will be charged, at the end of each month, a fee of 8% on all contracts entered into with Clients.

9.6 The commission referred to in the previous number is also due in the event of cancellation or non-completion of the provision of the service by the Professional (except in cases where, upon analysis and consideration by Liberiix, the Professional has informed Liberiix of the non-provision of the service, within 2 (two) days following the date of commencement of the contractual relationship established between the Client and the Professional), and will be calculated according to the amount paid by the Client to the Professional.

9.7 If there are any outstanding payments, the Professional, upon request by Liberiix, is obliged to make a deposit/security corresponding to the sum of the 3 (three) largest invoices of the last 12 (twelve) months, or any other amount determined by Liberix.

9.8 The deposit/security, referred to in the previous number, represents a guarantee for the fulfillment of the obligation to which the Professionals are subject.

9.9 Following the termination of the contractual relationship established between the Professional and Liberiix, the deposit/security deposit, or any remaining balance, after deduction, if necessary, of fees, commissions, default payments and/or other costs due to Liberiix, will be reimbursed to the Professional within 30 days after full settlement of outstanding obligations and liabilities (including payment of past due and/or outstanding fees and commissions).

10.10 During the term of the contract between the Professional and Liberiix, the latter may, at any time, monitor the Professional's performance and compliance with payments, and may, after analysis, decide to reimburse the deposit/security deposit.

10.11 The deposit/deposit does not limit and/or restrict, in any way, the Professional's liability and will not generate any interest.

10.12 Invoicing at Liberiix is ​​done electronically, through a program certified by the Tax Authority, under the applicable legislation (VAT Code and Decree-Law No. 28/2019) and invoices are sent by email.

10.13 Payment of any invoice is due 14 (fourteen) days after receipt.

10.14 All payments must be made by direct debit, or where this is not possible, by bank transfer or, with Liberiix's prior approval and consent, by credit card.

10.15. The Professional is responsible for all costs charged by banking institutions regarding the transfer of values.

10.16 Amounts invoiced will be paid in the currency (and, if applicable, the exchange rate) specified on the relevant invoice.

10.17 Liberiix may issue invoices in a primary currency (eg EUR/USD/GBP) or in the Professional's local currency by converting the final amount based on the exchange rate in effect on the last day of the month to which it refers. invoice concerned.

10.18 In cases of late payment of an invoice, Liberiix may charge statutory interest, as provided by law, in addition to appropriate debt recovery costs, and/or suspend the services, without prior notification to the Professional of the default.

10.19 All payments to be made by the Professional must be made with available funds, free, exempt from any type of deduction for charges, imports, duties, charges, fees and retentions of any nature.

10.20 If the Professional is required to make a deduction or withholding, he will be required to pay Liberiix the additional amounts to ensure that Liberiix receives the full net amount shown on the invoice received by the Professional.

10.21 The Professional is also responsible for the payment of any charge, tax, fee and withholding on and in excess of the total net payment due to Liberiix.

10.22 If necessary, the Professional will be solely and exclusively responsible for dealing with and resolving any type of issue with the competent tax authorities.

10.23 Upon Liberiix's request, the Professional is obligated to provide a copy of tax exemption certificates.

10.24 The Professional acknowledges and assumes the commitment that he/she is duly registered with all tax authorities relevant to the exercise of their activity, as stipulated by law.

10.25 The payment method for the services agreed between the Client and the Professional is defined and agreed by them.

10.26 Liberiix is ​​not responsible for the values ​​agreed between Client and Professional, as well as for any errors or omissions related thereto.

10.27 Liberiix is ​​not responsible for the use, validity, warranty, quality, suitability, fit and/or disclosure of products and/or services made available on or through the Liberiix Website/Platform and/or applications.

10.28 The Professional is solely responsible for the products/services he makes available, assuming any and all liability and/or associated risk.

10.29 Any complaints regarding products/services must be addressed directly to the Professional and resolved by the Professional, releasing Liberiix from any liability in relation to such complaints, risks or deficiencies related to the products/services provided by the Professional.

11. Messages and CHAT Liberiix

11.1 In order to facilitate communication between Customers and Professionals, Liberiix offers the use of the CHAT channel Liberiix.

11.2 Liberiix reserves the right to process communications sent through the Liberiix CHAT channel in accordance with Liberiix's Privacy Policy.

11.3 Customers and/or Professionals who use CHAT Liberiix acknowledge, agree and authorize the processing and treatment of communications exchanged within this scope (including any and all storage, access, knowledge and tracking of text, image, video and audio file communications) by employees, agents, representatives and other persons or entities directly related to Liberiix, which may include your personal data.

12. Data Treatment

12.1 Customers and Professionals acknowledge to Liberiix, and/or associated companies, the right to, on their behalf, proceed with the Processing and Protection of Data, in accordance with Liberiix's Privacy Policy.

12.2 The Professional acknowledges and agrees to be solely responsible for transmitting and informing the Client regarding the Data Processing and Protection and for obtaining his consent, when required by the General Data Protection Regulation in force, including the transfer of the data and information of the Customer for Liberiix and/or associated companies as set forth in the Liberiix Privacy Policy.

12.3 Clients and Professionals agree to include the following clause in the Privacy Policy: “A contract was entered into with Liberiix, located at Av. D. João II, Lt. 30, Edifício Meridiano, 2.º B, 1990-092 Lisboa , to obtain and/or provide a service, by registering on the Platform. Registration is processed through Liberiix, so the information entered will be shared with Liberiix and its affiliates, which may include personal data (name, address, contact details, service and payment related details, as well as any specified preferences). To learn more about Liberiix, see www.liberiix.com.”.

12.4 Liberiix is ​​permitted to send an email confirmation of registration, email confirmation of service, email confirming the commencement of the contract as well as an email communicating the term of the contract, in addition to an email administrative emails aimed at monitoring the payment of commissions, conflict resolution, doubts and suggestions, according to the email address provided.

12.5 Liberiix is ​​permitted to use Client and Professional information for technical, marketing and analytical purposes as described in Liberiix's Privacy Policy.

12.6 The provisions of this clause apply to the Processing and Protection of Personal Data by Liberiix, which is also subject to the general clauses of this User Agreement, including the Privacy Policy.

12.7 The personal data and contact information of Customers and Professionals, such as name, address, telephone/mobile number, email address, IP, browser, use of Cookies, payment data, identification document data, number of tax identification, data relating to civil liability and/or work accident insurance, criminal record, licenses, as well as any and all information, communication or documents may be shared within the scope of the use of the Liberiix Website/Platform and related applications.

12.8 Liberiix is ​​responsible for the processing and processing of data submitted by Users, Customers and Professionals, or on their behalf, excluding personal data collected through Cookies placed on the Liberiix Website/Platform.

13. Data protection and privacy

13.1 The Professional is obliged to comply with and enforce the legal provisions relating to Data Protection in force and to ensure that all personal data processed and processed by Liberiix comply with the provisions of the respective Laws.

13.2 The Professional is obliged to ensure that all personal data are collected and processed correctly, that they are up to date and, when necessary, guarantee the authorization of use by Users and Customers, as data holders.

13.3 Any claim or expense resulting from the breach by the Professional and the Client of the provisions of the preceding paragraphs is their sole responsibility, Liberiix being exempt from any liability.

13.4 Liberiix guarantees that each and every employee/worker with access to the personal data of any user of the Website/Platform will maintain confidentiality with respect to them.

13.5 Liberiix guarantees the application of any and all measures and/or techniques that appear reasonable and adequate to protect the personal data of all users of the Website/Platform against unauthorized or illegal processing, as well as against loss, destruction, alterations and/or damages caused thereto.

13.6 Liberiix undertakes to inform, if it becomes aware of any unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or access to personal data through the Liberiix system, providing the necessary assistance to investigate and reduce the impact and/or damage that such violations may cause in the sphere of users of the Website/Platform.

13.7 Upon termination of the contractual relationship established between Customers and/or Professionals and Liberiix, the latter may delete and/or return all data provided by them, upon request, unless Liberiix is ​​required to retain certain data in order to comply with legal obligations.

13.8 Liberiix is ​​permitted to process or transfer any data outside the European Economic Area.

13.9 Customers and Professionals authorize Liberiix to use subcontractors for data processing and processing.

13.10 Liberiix is ​​permitted to collect data for the purpose of analysis(s), testing, maintenance processes, development and monitoring of trends, in order to evaluate the use of the services made available on the Website/Platform and its applications.

13.11 The results and information obtained through the analysis(s) referred to in the previous number may be used internally and externally by Liberiix, as well as shared with associated companies and/or third parties.

14. Responsibility

14.1 The Professional shall be responsible for compensating and/or indemnifying Liberiix for any direct damages, losses, liabilities, obligations, costs, claims (of any kind), interest, fines, legal proceedings and expenses actually paid, suffered as a result of the breach of the this User Agreement.

14.2 Professional agrees to indemnify and fully compensate Liberiix, including affiliated companies, and any of its officers, directors, employees and agents ('Liberiix Indemnified') against any claims arising out of or relating to:

  1. Any agreement(s) that the Professional has with third parties, including Clients, or the Professional's failure to comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions with respect to such agreements;

  2. Claims and claims made by Customers relating to inaccurate, erroneous or misleading information;

  3. Complaints made by Customers related to Services and/or Products provided/provided by a Professional, rescheduling, wrong Agreements, Agreements other than those previously stipulated, cancellations, refunds or refunds;

  4. All other Customer complaints that are wholly or partially attributable to the Professional and/or his representatives, including directors, employees or agents, including Complaints related to services rendered and/or goods/products provided by the Professional (or lack thereof), or claims resulting from fraud, misconduct, negligence or breach of contract by or attributable to the Professional;

  5. Any claim against Liberiix by suppliers or providers with business, professional and personal relationships to the Professional, pursuant to and in accordance with this Agreement, in relation to any act or omission (including breach of contract, negligence, misconduct and/or fraud) by the Professional and/or their representatives.

15. Disclaimer

15.1 Except as expressly provided to the contrary, Liberiix makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to any matter in these Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy, and disclaims any and all implied warranties, including all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness.

15.2 The Liberiix Website//Platform, services, tools, applications and content (including legal documents) are provided and submitted taking into account the principle of good faith, regardless of any express, statutory or implied warranty.

15.3 Liberiix does not guarantee that the content of the Website/Platform and associated applications comply with the particular requirements of the Professional and the Client, as well as with the legislation specifically applicable to the services/products provided by the Professional.

15.4 Liberiix guarantees the continuous and correct functioning of its Website/Platform and respective applications, except in situations where, for reasons beyond its control, such compliance cannot be required.

15.5 Without prejudice to the foregoing, Liberiix reserves the right, as owner of the Website/Platform, to suspend or cease its operation whenever it deems there are reasons (related either to third parties or to its business model) that the justify, which, in any case, will be communicated as soon as possible to all its users.

15.6 Liberiix does not guarantee the quality of any product, service or content obtained or acquired through the Liberiix Website/Platform, applications and/or CHAT.

15.7 Liberiix does not guarantee the accuracy, veracity and integrity of any content, including the content and information provided by Customers, even if obtained through the Liberiix Website/Platform, applications and/or CHAT, for which Liberiix does not assume any responsibility and /or warranty with respect to any information, verbal, written or illustrated, obtained through Liberiix.

15.8 Liberiix may, when necessary, use, manage, make available or retain legal documents that apply directly to any user of the Website/Platform, applications, CHAT, services/products or to the Professional's Clients (for example, terms and conditions , privacy policy, cookie notice and FAQs) for or for the benefit of himself, or documents that the Professional may use for the services offered.

15.9 Liberiix does not offer any guarantee or assurance, thus disclaiming any responsibility, that the legal documents comply with applicable laws and are valid, binding and have applicability.

15.10 The use of legal documents is the sole responsibility of the Professional and the Client, who assume the risks associated with their use, so it is suggested that they resort to legal advice from their lawyer(s), in order to certify that such documents are in compliance with all applicable laws, at any associated cost.

15.11 Liberiix does not guarantee continuous and/or uninterrupted access to the Website/Platform, applications, Chat, email and/or any other associated service.

15.12 The Professional and the Client agree and acknowledge that access to the Liberiix Website/Platform depends on access to telecommunications and Internet services, as well as recognizing the difficulties inherent in their use, in particular, speed fluctuations and network congestion, connections , systems and servers, liable to cause interruptions, delays and difficulties in accessing, browsing, searching or using the Website/Platform and Liberiix applications.

15.13 The Professional and the Client exempt Liberiix from any and all liability related to any break, fall, inactivity, interruption, stoppage or unavailability of Liberiix's Website/Platform and applications, either totally or partially, for maintenance, updating, improvements, among others, regardless of whether or not it is planned or scheduled.

15.14 The Professional and Customer assume solely and exclusively responsibility for the acquisition and maintenance of all telecommunications and Internet services and other hardware and software necessary to access and use the Website/Platform and Liberiix applications, including any and all costs, fees and expenses of any kind relating to the above information.

15.15 The Professional and the Client, within the provisions of applicable Laws, accept and assume all risks, known or unknown to them, arising from the access and use of the Website/Platform, Applications, CHAT, e-mail and Services/Products of Liberiix .

15.16 The Professional and the Client also acknowledge and agree that the claims, proceedings, penalties, fines, fines, losses, damages or expenses arising out of or in connection with this User Agreement.

15.17 Liberiix is ​​not responsible for the impossibility or inability to access and/or use the Website/Platform, and respective applications as a result and/or arising from:

Physical or personal injury, death or emotional wear;

  • Communication and/or meeting with other Customers or other users as a result of normal use of the Liberiix Website/Platform;

  • Loss of data and/or communications arising from problems or failures in telecommunications and Internet services used by the Professional;

  • Liberiix's failure, omission or delay in performing its obligations under this Agreement due to circumstances over which Liberiix has no control, including events of force majeure;

  • Improper or inappropriate use of the Liberiix Website/Platform and associated applications;

  • Use by the Professional of software that is not compatible with the software and systems used by Liberiix;

15.18 When using Liberiix management tools there is a possibility of errors occurring. Liberiix shall not be liable and the Professional shall not claim damages from Liberiix for any claim by a third party.

16. Term, Termination and Suspension

16.1 This User Agreement enters into force upon acceptance of the Professional's enrollment/registration by Liberiix and will be entered into for an indefinite period, unless specifically stipulated otherwise, and always for a period of not less than 1 (one) year .

16.2 Upon expiry of such period, each party may terminate the User Agreement at any time and for any reason, subject to a prior notice period corresponding to 14 (fourteen) days, unless otherwise provided.

16.3 Unless otherwise agreed, if the parties have agreed to the “Trial Period”, this agreement will automatically remain in effect after such period, unless the Professional performs at any time during that period the notice of termination or makes such notice 14 days before the expiration of the applicable additional deadlines.

16.4 Liberiix may terminate or suspend the contract, with immediate effect and without the need for notification, in the event of a breach of any provision contained in this User Agreement or any other agreement entered into between the Professional and Liberiix or an associated company or, also, in case of interruption/suspension of payment.

16.5 In the event of termination of this Agreement, certain clauses of this Agreement will remain in force, namely those relating to matters of processing and protection of personal data.

17. Confidentiality

17.1 The parties agree that, during the term of the User Agreement, each party may have access, directly or indirectly, to the other party's confidential information, including personal data, transactions, traffic volume and usage, financial and business planning and marketing, technical, operational and software information, all information being considered and treated as private and confidential.

17.2 All Confidential Information will remain the exclusive property of the party providing it, and the party receiving it shall not use it for any purpose except for the purposes of this Agreement.

17.3 Employees, executives, agents and service providers, as authorized persons, must maintain the security of the aforementioned information, being prevented from copying or disclosing such information to third parties.

17.4 Upon request, all copies of confidential information must be returned or destroyed, unless, under applicable law, such information cannot be deleted.

17.5 The Professional expressly agrees and acknowledges that his data may be disclosed to Liberiix and any associated company or partner, and that they may use that same data to contact or communicate with the Professional.

18.Transitory and Final Provisions

18.1 Any communication or notification made within the scope or for the purpose of executing or complying with this User Agreement may be made via email, simple mail or fax to the contacts contained in the Liberiix website and the information provided by users.

18.2 Each of the parties is bound to assume its own expenses related to the execution, execution and fulfillment of this User Agreement.

18.3 Except as otherwise provided, neither party shall have the right to assign and/or transfer the rights and/or obligations set forth in this User Agreement, without the prior written consent of the other party.

18.4 No provision contained in this User Agreement constitutes or is likely to be confused with the constitution of any partnership, joint venture, mandate, commission or other relationship that arises from the contractual relationship entered into by the adhesion to this agreement.

18.5 To the extent necessary and appropriate, the Professional agrees that Liberiix may, at any time and without prior approval, assign, transfer, renew, encumber and settle his claim under the invoicing process (including commissions to be collected and debt collection) to a company of the corporate group or a legal person whose object is accounting or debt collection. Professional also acknowledges that Liberiix may request that a company of the corporate group or partner issue invoices and collect debts on behalf of and on behalf of Liberiix.

18.6 In the event that any or some of the clauses and provisions of this User Agreement are considered invalid, they will not be used, but such invalidity does not put into question the validity and application of the other standards. In this case, the parties shall proceed to replace the invalid provision by one that, as far as possible, has a similar effect taking into account the purpose of this Agreement.

18.7 The Agreement can be entered into electronically by clicking on 'I accept the Terms and Conditions' in the Platform Registration process, such act being considered as the full and full acceptance and approval of the Agreement Terms presented by Liberiix, as well as the beginning of the binding, applicable and fully valid contract, translating into the acknowledgment and acceptance of all the provisions and conditions of this Agreement.

18.8 The implicit or explicit breach by a Client or Professional of any provision of this User Agreement, determines the termination, with immediate effect, of access to the website.

18.9 This User Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Liberiix and the Customers and Professionals, superseding all other preceding documents, including communications, exchanges of intent or any other type of agreement regarding the same content.

18.10 Any changes to the terms of this User Agreement need to be written and brought to the attention of the counterparty, assuming acceptance thereof if, after becoming aware of them, access to and use of the website is maintained.

19. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This User Agreement is exclusively regulated in accordance with Portuguese legal norms.

For the resolution of any conflicts arising from this User Agreement, the district court of Lisbon is competent, expressly waiving any other.

The Parties agree and acknowledge that, notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Agreement prevents or limits Liberiix's right to bring any legal action in any competent court within the jurisdiction in which Professional is established or registered.